The Trex 450 Plus DFC is regarded as one of the best collective pitch helicopters that you can start out with as there are numerous people out there who are presently learning how to fly with collective pitch.

Sincerely, this helicopter works. It is of good design, parts are compatible and they’re after sales support is very good. Unlike other entry-level contenders, it focuses on what works over flashy and ostentatious out of a substandard product to the sucker in the uninformed.

This device comes with a decent brand name computerized radio – the Spektrum DX6i. One of the Trex 450 Plus DFC is BangBang XFX Trex 450 V2 6CH RC Helicopter Super Combo.

1.BangBang XFX Trex 450 V2 6CH RC Helicopter Super Combo

This is the brand of XFX with 325mm rotor diameter and length 660mm, width 120mm and height 230mm. the flying time is almost 15 minutes and charging period is almost 3.5 hour.

The control distance is about 1000m with 3500KV motor and brushless motor. The battery used by this device is 11.1V but it is not included. The radio is 6-channel and above.

Trex 450 Plus DFC


> High quality material

> Easy to use

> Durable

> Have value for money

> Great quality

> Full of fun


> Battery not included, it must be bought separately

> Setup is at fairly high cost

> Lack of adaptability and configuration options

> Cannot update

Why Trex 450 Plus DFC

Why Trex 450 Plus DFC Is So Good

The name Align can be related to high end performance and quality. Align is one of the biggest names in the RC helicopter industry. They produce some of the best quality and highest performance birds in the market as they maintain reasonable prices for their products. Just like any other name as Blade, Align has wonderful compatible parts in most areas in the world; hence, you can never be disappointed for weeks or months when waiting for a part.

The Plus in Trex 450 Plus DFC is at the heart of the Trex 450 Align’s T6 radio (Futaba 6J).

The next up in this machine is the radio. It is very obvious that radio is more significant when compare to the helicopter. The top brand producers are aware of this as well otherwise, there will not be any care put into choosing a decent computerized radio system. The one that will not trap you into some unnoticeable lower quality 2.4 GHz system but rather a high end name band radio system that one will be comfortable with for many years as you grow and advance in what you love to do most.

A computerized radio that will permit you to set up your machine rightly and advance on it from tame starter settings to normal or scale or all out sport or 3D. Whatever your problem is, a good name brand computerized radio is the instrument you require to brew it.

The DX6i transformed the computerized RC radio world in the entry level segment and going to take something good and special in this price segment to do it better. The 6J or Align T6 is a Futaba radio that holds its own. For those that would instead get into Futaba when starting out over Spektrum/JR, this is a wonderful RC helicopter/radio combination to do it with.

The fact that Trex 450 Plus DFC is built properly by technicians in Align is just the reassurance for a beginner. They even took the time to coil the tail servo wire, a nice little touch that you usually see an experienced builder taking the time to do. Meanwhile, you will need to roll up your sleeves and take things apart to carry out maintenance or replace a damaged part/s. that is all part of the hobby and the fun!

Why Trex 450 Plus DFC


In summary, Trex 450 Plus DFC version is not up to high powered 450L Dominator when talking about high end performance features. The T6 radio is regarded s one item that could put a few people off but there are many that would better get into a Futaba system over a Spektrum.

If you intended to fly with a Spektrum/JR DSM2/X radio, ensure that the BTF box indicates that it comes with the new yellow 3GX MRS FBL unit. Also, you need to use a Spektrum DSM2/X satellite/remote receiver to connect into the 3GX MRS to fly with a DSM2/X Spektrum or JR radio.

Trex 450 Plus DFC Single Product Review
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