Every enthusiasts of RC racing knows how significant RC battery is if he wants to have some serious racing time. Having one of the best RC batteries will surely help them fulfill their interest.

If such is the case, it is very important to have their battery charged very well and even in safer mode. If you are into RC trucks or other types of RC racers such as RC helicopters that needs the best RC battery chargers to recharge battery, then this page is for you.

You need to get one the lipo best RC battery chargers for your RC helicopter and here are few of the best.

1. Schumacher CR-2 Universal Battery Charger

Schumacher’s CR-2 charge ‘n Ride is well known as a universal charger for the battery used to power ride-on toys.

This charger can work with any devices such as Razor, Power Wheels and Schumacher that use 24 volt batteries.

This charger is almost 3 times faster in charging and another interesting part is that by charging with it, you will be able to ride longer. 

Schumacher CR-2 Universal Battery Charger


  • It can work with many common toys
  • It gives quick-connect support
  • It shows connected battery status which include charging, charged and check battery
  • The operation is absolutely automatic
  • Makes you ri​​​​de longer
  • Three times faster in charging
  • Cons

  • The connector is not universal
  • It is wider than most standard connectors.
  • 2. Lipo Battery Charger with Voltage Checker

    This charger can be used to power other DC gadgets such as lights, lathes and chargers.

    It helps to put out a whopping 100 W of power by connecting the charger into the wall and apply the DC port on the right side of the charger in order to power the gadget. 

    It has ability to program and store up to 10 different types of battery settings. You can load the program to start charging and as well making use of the stored battery settings. 

    Lipo Battery Charger with Voltage Checker


  • Solidly built with quality components
  • Nicely designed controls and ample functionality
  • Interface with most of the popular connections
  • Fast and efficient
  • Very portable
  • Quiet with fan
  • Nice blend of peripherals
  • Cons

    > It does not detect anything automatically including the cell count

    > It has polarity protection

    3.Ocean Loong 2-3 Cells 20W Li-Po Balance Charger 

    This is one of the most common battery pack chargers found in the market nowadays. It has the ability to charge many battery types and voltages.

    It also intends to enhance the elimination of your need to have many and various chargers for all your air-soft batteries and hobby RC.

    The charger comes with an octopus multi-charging support, alligator clips and power supply. Everything is put in a comprehensive pack.

    Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger


    > Has great value for price and flexibility

    > Offer a balances charge for all various Lipo batteries

    > Increase the battery life span

    > Saves you money

    > Well satisfactory in its function 

    > Has all function needed in a charger


    > Some functions display in its manual do not function and such include NiMh auto charge

    4. Lipo 3S, 11.1V 3 Cell Lipo Battery 3300mah Hard Case 50C Deans T Connector

    This is a combo kit comprises of 2 x Tenergy 9.6V 2000mAh NiMH battery packs w/Tamiya connector and a simple battery pack charger for 6.0-9.0v NiMH/NiCD Battery packs.

    It is very easy to operate and the battery can be charged at any time without the need for it to be completely discharged.

    The charging directions only take 7 hours to completely charge.

    2pcs 9.6V 2000mAh NiMH Battery Packs for RC Car, Robots


    > It has standard Tamiya connector
    > Compatible with all common RadioShak and Nikko RC toy cars
    > Easy operation
    > No battery memory effect


    > It can get hot

    5. Zeee 4S 14.8V 7200mAh 80C RC LiPo Battery

    This is the type of charger that runs safety checks before connecting power to the battery, monitor voltage and amperage up to the cell count that it is programmed for.

    It is a big charger packaged in a little box. With 100 watts of the power, you can charge a 4 cell at up to 6.75 amps or a 6 cell at up to 4.5 amps.

    It is absolutely readable in its daylight display with a little shade and work well. You do not need to open manual for anything before you understand its mode of operation.

    Lipo Battery Charger Battery Balance Charger/Discharger


    > Able to charge anything
    > Menu options are just like most chargers you can buy out there
    > Have value for money
    > Well made of better quality plastic for the housing


    > Need fan to make it cool when hot
    > Need better instructional manual


    Chargers are essential when RC car batteries are used. Some batteries are as simple as a plug-and-play and are charged without problems.
    Other batteries that we have mentioned have provisions that can be harmful if you do not monitor them very closely.

    There are two types of chargers, timer based chargers and full chargers / peak detection. Chargers based on the timer require a timer to be set for the duration of the charge, and will not stop charging until the timer has expired.

    This means that these chargers have the ability to over-charge and damage the battery.
    If we look back at our table on the pros and cons of LiPo batteries, this type of battery can be extremely damaged in the event of overloads or charges that can lead to heating problems, which is why these batteries are not suitable for beginners.

    The second type of charger we’ve already mentioned, “Charge Full Charge Detection,” detects when a battery reaches its full charge and automatically stops charging.
    This means that while the battery is fully charged, a warning light comes on, so the owner knows when the battery is fully charged and can use the battery without having to recharge extra energy into the battery.
    These chargers avoid overheating problems and do not need to be monitored as accurately.

    It is important to note that not all fully charged chargers can be combined with the opposite battery.
    For example, buying a NiCad detection charger does not mean that you should or can pair a NiMH battery. When changing the chargers to the wrong battery further damage may occur.
    It’s best to stay with the right pairing when it comes to batteries and their individual chargers.

    This will give you the best performance from your RC car battery

    There are a few simple steps to make sure you get the most from your RC car batteries, regardless of type. The steps are described below with additional instructions for each one individually.

    Use the entire battery before charging

    It is important to use the entire battery before charging. Even if your particular battery type does not have a memory effect, you should maximize the battery usage to reduce the number of times you charge the charger.

    • Use a full charger / peak detection

    • These chargers are much safer and require less supervision. In addition, they no longer consume energy, as they can be extremely dangerous depending on the battery used.

    • Use a constant charging port

    • Use the same charging port, so that the charger has a constant consumption without interruptions or overload problems.

    • Follow the guidelines for use

    • Some batteries, as mentioned in our table, have strict usage patterns. This means that you should not use certain types of batteries more than the recommended frequency and temperature guidelines.

    Avoid things with all types of batteries

    There are some things you do not know when it comes to RC car batteries. Below is a list that you should avoid at all costs.

    •     Overcharge your batteries
    •  Overheating your battery
    •  Short circuit of the battery: Touch the positive end of the battery with the negative end
    •  Insufficient distance

    The best batteries for different applications

    There are some types of RC car batteries that should be used specifically for certain activities, such as racing. If you are a seasoned driver of RC vehicles, LiPo batteries will give you the power you are looking for.

    However, if you are an RC fan and do not worry about any additional costs or hassles with the LiPo batteries we mentioned, the NiMH and NiCad batteries are best for you.

    Now that you understand the batteries of RC cars, you can make a more informed buying decision to make sure that you choose the best battery for your RC car and your level of experience.


    Finally, always remember that the lipo brand best RC battery chargers cannot be functioning at their full potential when not properly charged.

    The best RC battery chargers will ensure that every cell in the battery get exactly same power placed into it.

    This will ensure that the battery is in perfect shape and functioning well. Also, try to get a standby fan so as to make your charger charge effectively without getting hot.

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    Johan Lozano

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