Are you thinking of flying scale RC helicopters displayed for sales in the market? Certainly, you must be dreaming of one of the scale RC helicopters for sale. Honestly speaking, scale RC helicopters are the true passion of many families in the world. If you have the slightest feeling for scale, definitely, you need to strive and get one to suit your purpose. Here are the top 5 scale RC helicopters for sale you cannot ignore of having;

Top 5 Scale RC Helicopters for Sales 2020 Reviewed And Ultimate Guide

1. Bell Uh-1 Huey – 1/48 Scale Diecast Metal Model

Originally, this is reproduced rotor head with pilot figures. It consists of the bench seat and ammunition box. The surfaces are constructed with replica rivets while the interior detail include instrument panel. The outlook is exactly like army helicopter used for war.


> Good looking
> Replica of army helicopter for ammunition
> Good for the beginners that are interested in military system
> Durable
> Worth its price
> Has value for money


> Not revel best model

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2. RONSHIN XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicopter

RONSHIN XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicopter has really answered unto its name. This is the 3D world demanding higher and higher power with lighting fast reacting collective pitch RC helicopter.

It has taken much of the focus and skill away and finally become the way out in the left field. If this helicopter is your interest. Then it is very important to learn and become a proficient RC helicopter pilot in the first place.


> Baby electronic learning toys
> Portable> Durable
> Very great works
> Have value for money
> Good for the beginners

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> Demanding good skill for learning

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3. 1/60/D/C UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter

This models are serially numbered and includes display stand. The propeller is able to spin as the door opens. The scale is 1:60. It is 10 inches length, 2 inches width and 3 inches tall while the rotor is 10 inches.


> Long lasting
> Compact
> Very valuable
> Worth is price
> Good for the beginners


>  Manual upgrade

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4. RC Helicopter 3.5HZ Channel Alloy Mini Helicopter for Kids

This is RC Helicopter 3.5HZ Channel Alloy Mini Helicopter for Kids. It is ultra-stable for both indoors and outdoors with winds up to 20 MPH.

The range of 200 feet and run time is about 8 minutes plus. It is very easy to control with 6 axis gyro and the Lipo battery is good for quick charging and powerful output.


> Well-built with solid components
> Excellent customer service and also in addressing the issue
> Stable nimble fast
> Have value for money
> Good at its price
> The most acrobatic system


> Fragile product
> Problems on quality control
> No battery included

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5. VATOS RC Helicopter, Remote Control Helicopter

HG-90 is the world largest electric remote control RC helicopter and it is produced by FXD. It measures almost 49 inches. Despite that it is electrically powered, yet it is rechargeable.

It is gyroscope equipped for smooth flying coaxial rotor design with balancing bar for maximum stability. The remote control requires 4 AA batteries to run. The system is designed with durable metal alloy frame.


> Works great
> Worth its price
> Have value for money
> Durable> Working LED lights
> Integrated high power Li-Po battery
> High strength body construction
> Full 360 degree accurate rotary positioning optimized  for outdoor flight


> Battery not good but require stronger battery for it to function effectively

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RC Helicopter Fuselage Materials

Another element to consider is the fuselage of the RC helicopter; There are four in action today:

Polystyrene is used only in mini RC toy helicopters. It is very economical, but it serves as a very good protective layer for these little toy helicopters.

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Polycarbonate is lightweight and economical. It is mainly used in small RC helicopter bodies. The cold weather makes the polycarbonate very fragile; something to keep in mind when flying outside in winter.

Fiberglass is heavier and more expensive, but more durable than polycarbonate. It is the best RC helicopter material for larger helicopter awnings and hulls of a price in terms of resistance / longevity ratio. Fiberglass handles cold and vibration better than polycarbonate. It is also fairly easy to perform “good as new” repairs on fiberglass if it has suffered minor damage. Fiberglass body repair materials work very well for this.

Carbon fiber is strong and lightweight, but because of its cost, it is not used as much as a hull or hull material (except heavily used reinforcements). There are some high-end kits that use carbon fiber for the capsule shell and some high-end hulls


scale RC helicopters
How to determine the scale of a RC helicopter in full size?

In fact, I just got that question and I thought I should address it. The person who contacted me was confused about the size of the RC helicopter and how it relates to the size proportions of the full size helicopters. For example, he was looking for a 1: 9 scale RC helicopter fuselage, but he did not know what size RC helicopters would get for this global scale. The simple answer is that there is no relationship or correlation between the size of the RC helicopter and the scale proportions; Let me explain …

You could have two different hulls with a size of 600, the scale of which is completely different from that of their full-size counterparts. For example, a 600mm MD500 will be larger than a 600mm Bell 222 size because the full size MD500 is a helicopter smaller than the full size Bell 222. In fact, though the two RC helicopters are roughly in scale at the same size With 600 mechanics, the scales can be significantly different.

For example, a size 600 Bell 222 has a scale of about 1: 11.5, but the size 600 of MD530 is about 1: 6.5. To find the actual scale of a particular scale hull, simply look at the overall dimensions and then compare them to the overall dimensions of the full-size machine to get the final scale. For example, the Bell 222 FunKey 600 fuselage is 1330 mm long. The full size of Bell 222 is approximately 50 ‘long (15240 mm); This is how the FunKey hull of size 600 works in the scale 1: 11.5 (15240 mm / 1330 mm).

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On the other hand, the full-size MD500 measures about 25 ‘long (7620mm), and the size of the FunKey 600 MD500 is 1180mm long, so the scale is about 7620mm / 1180mm = 1: 6.5. As you can see, the scale of 600 MD500 is almost twice the size of the 600 Bell 222.

So, what size of the FunKey hull 600 is about a 1: 9 scale? The next one is the Agusta 109A. The full-size Agusta 109A measures about 37 ‘(11278 mm) and the FunKey 109A trunk of size 600 measures 1320 mm in length, giving a scale ratio of about 1: 8.5.

By the way, to find the full size helicopter dimensions, just do a Google search for “helicopter dimensions” that you want to know. Look at different pages because there may be an error. However, if all pages have the same or more or less the same dimensions, you should know that the actual size is a sure thing. I find that the length (peak to peak) is generally the best dimension used in the calculation because it is the longest and therefore gives the best scale resolution between the full size and the model.


In conclusion, scale RC helicopters for sale are available in the market presently but it is very important to be very careful before making the purchase because they are all fragile.

By the way, to get the dimensions of full size helicopters, just simply go online and do Google search for dimensions of whatever helicopter you need to know.

But to crown it all, they are very good and perfectly good for the beginners, intermediate and professionals. But the only clause there is that, one do not just start driven this system without good skill in flying. It requires good skill for perfection.

Johan Lozano

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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