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Blade mSR Helicopter Review In 2020

Based on the popular Ultra-Micro Blade® mSR Heli, the Blade® mSR S is an excellent way to move from coaxial helicopters and multirotor drones to a single rotor machine. The fixed wingless rotor simplifies speed and agility with a durable and efficient design. The supplied 1S 150mAh battery has a higher discharge speed of 45C, […]

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RC Power Supply Review

You may think that my RC power supply item is only for people who need a lot of charging power, but that is not the case. RC Power Supply Review The thrust and underlying messages throughout this description focus on saving money, flexibility and “growth” of electrically driven RC; From the beginner electric RC to […]

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Best Rc Helicopters For Beginners

Since few people can afford to purchase real helicopters. There has been an increased popularity of remote-controlled helicopters. Individuals have opted to buy the much cheaper RC helicopters so as to gain the flying experience. Top 5 Best Rc Helicopters For Beginners Before one can buy an RC helicopter its best that they do massive research […]

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5 Best RC Charger for RC Helicopter

Best RC Charger Review 2019 In our Best RC Charger Guide, we cover the basics of what you need to know about RC battery Charger, what the readings meant, how to select a battery and how to charge, balance, store, reset and dispose of your batteries. An absolute MUST READ if you have no clue […]

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