The RC Helicopter Infographic Anatomy

The RC Helicopter Infographic Anatomy
RC Helicopter Anatomy

Type Of RC Helicopter:

  1. Collective Pitch Control
  2. Cyclic Pitch Control

Collective Pitch Control

The collective changes the pitch of all main rotor blades collectively (ie all at the same time) and independent of position. Therefore, if one group entry is made, all the blades change equally, and the result is increased or decreased total helicopter lift rotor derivative.

Cyclic Pitch Control

Cyclic pitch control normally extending upwardly from the floor of the cabin, between the rider’s legs or between the two pilot seats on some models. This primary flight control allows the pilot to fly the Best RC helicopters in any direction of movement forward, backward, left and right. Total lifting force is always perpendicular to the plane of the tip of the route of the main rotor.

collective and cyclic pitch control example

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