5 Best Remote Control Helicopter Review

remote control helicopterRemote control helicopter piloting is something an individual with a modest budget can afford. I love to learn and discover different RC models on the market today. For this reason, I couldn’t deny you the enchantment and vast knowledge that I have recently grasped about Remote control helicopters. I anticipate that soon they will have the similar effect on you.

If you have been planning to get the finest RC helicopter, I cordially invite you to stay with me and check my best remote control aircraft reviews.

Finest Remote Control Helicopter Features Highlights and Ratings

Before I venture into my best guide and reviews, I would like to make things simpler for you. To help you start on the right foot in this world of RC aviation, I have compiled a list of five RC helicopters features highlights and ratings. Take a look:

Remote Control Helicopter Comparison Table

1. WLtoys V913 Large Single Blade Helicopter

WLtoys V913 Remote Control Helicopter

It is a well-built metal body heli that comes with four channels and a 2.4GHZ transmitter.

With this type of remote control aircraft, you are assured that you will take your flight experience to the next level.

Extra tail and main blades are included. It is recommended for outdoor flying due to its larger size.


  • Highly recommended for beginners or advanced level
  • Well built metal body for longevity
  • You will also get a wall charger when purchasing this toy
  • Recommended for 14 years and above
  • No assembly required thus it is a Ready to fly heli
  • It is strong and durable

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2. Air Hogs Remote Control Helicopter

Air Hogs Remote Control Helicopter

This unique and well-equipped remote control aircraft heli is designed with an aim of completing your piloting thirst.

The gyro system provides you with adequate flight stabilization hence less chance for crashes.

So as to improve on this flight performance, the heli focuses on safety, superior control and most of all the in flight performance.

Security is assured by the crash resistant construction; whereas excellent control is catered with the six directional controls and the flight performance comes courtesy of the installed dual propellers.


  • It is 300 times 3 channel aircraft
  • Has a gyroscopic feature for adequate stability
  • You can be able to push the 300 maximum limit of this heli with much confidence due to its crash resistant reaction and well-built materials.
  • Recommended for 8 and above years
  • The 4AA battery that powers the charger and the controller is also included


3. WLtoys V922 Flybarless Remote Control Helicopter

WLtoys V922 Flybarless Remote Control Helicopter

This micro-type heli (NEW) is either an indoor or an outdoor toy. This model has been designed bearing the beginners in mind.

The heli features high-quality components that contribute to a memorable flight experience.

Besides that, you will also appreciate the ample stability and flexibility while flying this heli.

Features and Specifications                      

  • It is a supermini-sized 3D aircraft
  • The 3-Axis Gyro system provides more agility and aircraft balance
  • The installed flybar system provides ample balance for this heli
  • The heli has an automatic power cut protection system
  • The heli has a unique design for a beginner since it is an upside down flight
  • Uses 3.7V 300mAh 30C Lipo Battery
  • 100 to 150 control distance
  • Takes about 1 hour to charge


4. Micro-Mosquito Remote Control Helicopter

Micro-Mosquito Remote Control Helicopter

This top three list has been dominated by Kyosho. This best RC helicopter magnificently blends price with performance. You are assured of safe landing with courtesy of the equipped LED front lighting.


  • It is a 3 channel RC
  • Includes one spare tail motor, rotor with two clips and four spare main rotor
  • You need to purchase the six AAA batteries for the complete function of this aircraft
  • Manufacturer recommends the heli to be used for 15 years and above
  • Has an insect-like design (Mosquito)



5. Walkera V450DO3 Remote Control Helicopter

Walkera V450DO3 Remote Control Helicopter

It is a Ready to fly heli that provides you with great maneuvering experience. Excellent and well-built quality is what it is defined by this type of aircraft. In other words, the heli can withstand several beginners’ crashes and still be in perfect condition. There is no need for you to take any adjustments since it is a Ready to fly aircraft.


  • It is easy to operate the kind of aircraft
  • High quality gives you durability
  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • Ideal for 14 to 15 years of age
  • This heli can also hover in more than one direction


Being a huge fun of RC aviation devices, I am determined to share what I know about this great and rewarding hobby. By joining this world of RC gadgets, you will discover lots of amazing and attracting power of different models in the market. I don’t want to spoil it any further take a look at what I have in store for you.


It has taken more time to find the best RC product reviews in the market today. I am now at ease to say that you will now be able to differentiate between the best and worst aspect of these helicopters. Note that any type or brand of an RC is designed to give you the benefit in comparison to the other. With this in mind, it will be much easier for you to watch out for the specific downs and ups of both.

Flying an RC gadget may not be the same as piloting a full-size aircraft. However, these devices will also give you full short of adrenaline as you go deep in trying a more experienced level. This is one of the reasons that I have never stopped since I started flying them and creating remote control helicopter reviews.

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