What is a Radio Controlled Helicopter?

Radio controlled helicopter field is one of the king sized topics as well as talking point. Yes, if you are a superhero when it comes to flying, you definitely know what I am talking about.

You can never lack arguments that are related to any RC definition myths. I mean the recent development in the manufacturing and design of RC models are quite different.

Even after I have introduced to you my in-depth research, you still can’t get enough. Reason: there are wide ranges of choices which will seemingly dazzle your thoughts. Thanks to me I will help you know the fascinating aspects of radio controlled helicopter.

I will completely define for you what an RC is, as well as looking back at its history. I will also mention the types of RC helicopters. Read along to understand more.

Radio Controlled Helicopter


Best Radio Controlled HelicopterThis is a type of an aircraft that is specifically known to have come from a certain origin. It is typically abbreviated as RC helicopter. It tends to differ with an RC airplane. Reason: its assembly, flight training, and aerodynamic design. The two also differ since an RC helicopter has strong main blades.

They are designed in such a way that they can move from one direction to the other(left, right, up, down, forward and back).On the other hand, RC airplanes come with wings, flaps, and propellers. The major control unit on the helicopter is the main and tail rotor.

Technically, sizable helicopters appear to have vertical stabilizers. They allow the helicopter to point in the exact direction of flight.

Contrary to that, a rudder completes the same task just like the vertical stabilizer does. Besides, the RC helicopter comes with propulsion and a lift from more than one horizontal set of a rotor. They only differ when it comes to their maneuverability and aerobatic ability. In between, you will also come across different radio equipment and helicopter accessories. In all, all of them must use remote control for them to function as desired.

Radio Controlled Helicopter Controlling Parts
Radio Controlled Helicopter Controlling Parts

History of a Remote Controlled Helicopter

As stated above, RC helicopters are one of the amazing controlled devices. That is why they seem to have an interesting history to share. Do you know that they began as testing tools for advanced helicopters design? Now you know.

Later on, they moved to a higher retail market to quench the thirst of model aircraft hobbyist. Currently, they are well known as the most mainstreamed toys. They are also used by various armed forces which they refer to them as drones.

This shows that the whole cycling scenario was typically used to establish or come up with the best RC Helicopter. That is why there are toy helicopters, public as well as the ones used by the armed forces.

In the first existence, remote control helicopters were typically used by professional engineers. They usually took lots of time to test and experiment with new designs. In fact, they used to fill the entire back side of a truck. This is due to their large size.

They were very expensive as well as being extremely bulky. At this time, you couldn’t get a small aircraft due to the size of the receiver equipment. They later on paved way for the trending RC helicopters which were specifically built for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

In the recent ten years, Best RC helicopters have become both military tools and economical toys. You don’t have to sweat so as to buy your best Helicopter. For less than $40 you can easily purchase a small battery powered Helicopter.

Yes, they are less expensive but they are quite good for beginners. Reason: they seem to fly at a short distance and also are not designed to last for long. But they are good when it comes to learning your first maneuverability. Keep in mind that there are lots of helicopter in the market today. Thus, they perfectly fit the size of your wallet in the right way.

Radio Controlled Helicopter Parts
Radio Controlled Helicopter Parts

The good thing is that RC helicopters are typically used in different fields:

  • The Hi-Tech RC Helicopters are mostly used by the brave and strong army to perform varied operations. Before they proceed with their mission, the RC has to be tested hence making sure that they are fully developed.
  • Besides the army RCs, most are also used in the making of different movies. This helps to attain the precise aerial video shots. In other words, they assist the cinematographers to apprehend the specified aerial shot. Reason being it can be quite difficult to capture some of the moves with the camera alone. Not to mention you can seemingly see them in the movies. Most are used as spy equipment, tracking, and bombs.
  • Remote controlled helicopters are also used in various competitions. Participants tend to make their own helicopters and later on compete in a given challenge. This allows them to prove that they have built a well-structured device.
  • In all, they are basically used as a pass time or a recreational activity. Many people won’t mind to indulge and learn the best RC maneuvers. They just want to have fun at the end of the day.

Types of Remote Controlled Helicopter

  • They Toy RC Helicopter: This is one of the simplest and easiest to operate and handle RC. You don’t have to have adequate skills. It is perfect for novice enthusiasts. Most of them are used by older individuals as well as young teenagers.
  • Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade: It is a little complex Helicopter than the Toy Helicopter. You have to have great maneuverability skill to control this type of RC. It is also expensive and can be purchased as a ready to fly.
  • The Quadcopters: It is a more complex Helicopter and very hard to control if you are a novice. Most of them are built but you can also purchase as a ready-made. Either way, they are a bit expensive, heavier and require an expert.
  • The Micro Single Fixed Pitch Hobby Grade as and the Single Rotor Collective Pitch Hobby Grade. The cost, complexity, experience and maneuvering ability needs an RC expert. The weight of these two helicopters is quite heavy.


At the end of it all, it depends on how you have understood the RC field. If you have been planning to join other hobbyists, then you have to select the best RC in the market. You can only do so after understanding what the Remote Controlled Helicopter does.

Note that they come and existed as large devices and later from controls to toys. So, you can decide to purchase the one that is small as an egg or nearly the one that is fast. They are also cheap and expensive ones. You just have to choose the one that suits your level.

Reason: It won’t make sense if you buy an advanced Helicopter and you are a novice. You will just break it in one days’ time.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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