WowWee Mip Robot Price (Review and Ratting)

Get to know the new robot friend MiP! This electronic and interactive friend is the first robot to balance on two wheels. He is much more than a toy, with a receptive personality brought to life through movement, sounds and LED eyes.

WowWee Mip Robot Price Review and Rating

Mip Robot Price

In addition to the 7 built-in game modes, children can download the free iOS or Android (TM) MiP app to explore endless fun media including games, tricks, laser tags and more. Both children and parents can watch MiP dance their favorite songs while controlling the intensity of the robot’s movements.

MiP also comes with a dockable tray, which can carry items up to the robot’s own weight. 4 “AAA” batteries are required (not included). For 8 years and older.

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Mip Robot Price

Robotic characteristics:

  • The single balance of double wheel with fast speeds and in the dime twist. Gesture command recognition by hand
  • Comes with a plug-in tray accessory
  • Watch MiP balance multiple objects while moving or staying still
  • Multiple robotic modes, including Roam, Stacking, Dance, and Programming
  • Characteristics of the application:
  • Direct drive control over MiP movements
  • Route tracking
  • Personalized dance routines from your music library
  • Multiple stacking, balancing and maze games
  • Compatible with BLE / Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices
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Good to know

  • This item is sold in our stores. Please check your local store for availability.
  • Do not forget the batteries.
  • Gift wrap available for this article.

Mip Robot Price

Meet MiP ™, your new robot friend! Equipped with GestureSense ™ technology, any movement of the hand controls MiP ™. Using your free application, you can manage it, play games and more, while MiP ™ balances on two wheels!

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A BALANCING ROBOT: It’s the year of the MiP ™. This multifunctional and autonomous robot, perched on unique double wheels, is more than just a toy. Powered by a smartphone with iOS or Android, your eyes will light up with what MiP ™ can do.

GESTURESENSE ™ TECHNOLOGY: Thanks to our innovative equipment, MiPª responds to the sliding of a hand. Swipe in any direction and MiPª will follow you. You can even program up to 50 hand beats in a row. Clap twice, and MiPª will play it!

IMMERSIVE PERSONALITY: your new friend likes to have fun and invites you to join. Show some praise, and MiP ™ will be your new best friend but press down, and an angry robot awaits!

ENDLESS FUN: MiP ™ not only offers a wide variety of games, but also an application that allows you to drive, dance, fight, keep your balance and much more.

GAME MODES: MiP: Use your hand movements to direct your robot. MiP ™ will continue!

Tracking: play the latest version to follow the leader and watch MiP ™ follow your hand or leg where you choose to explore. Dance: MiP ™ is the life of the dance party.

Upload a song from your music library to the app, turn up the volume and watch this rock star do what she does best. Roam: look at MiP ™ explore and react to the environment. Highly receptive to the surroundings, the MiP ™ detects objects on the road, recognizes them, avoids them and continues. Tricks: Have fun with this, with the melody of up to 50 commands.

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Mip Robot Price

MiPª allows you to program different action sequences. Slide your hand in all directions, clap twice and MiPª will play it. Anything you can do, MiPª can do better. Cage: MiP ™ is in a virtual cage. It is your turn to avoid your escape by blocking all exits. Stack: Stack as many objects as you can in the MiP tray before the time runs out! Be amazed at everything MiPª can bring!

THE APPLICATION: Drive: thanks to the improved response technology of MiP ™, you can direct it in any direction and MiP ™ will light a penny. Route: trace a path along the screen of your smart device, and MiPª will play it. Dance: choose a song from your music library so that MiPª dances!


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