Large RC Helicopters

Do you want a sturdy, compact and light weight RC helicopter? Why not check out for large RC Helicopters? Most of the big toys are designed at about 2 feet long with gyro technology, landing gear and portable fuselages.

This will allow you to fly to the sky with confidence. Many people believe that large RC helicopters are the best to learn on immediately you make the fun progression to the single rotor collective pitch.

Yet, larger RC helicopters do have some benefits over smaller ones for learning on. Here are 5 large RC Helicopters You Must Have…

1. 53 Inch Extra Large GT QS8006 2 Speed 3.5 Ch RC helicopter

Have you ever think of flying across the sky in a high speed helicopter? For your dream to come to pass, you need to have 53 inch Extra Large GT because this is one of the best that suits your dream and ready to fly out of the box. It is the new model designed with the latest gyroscope technology. It is very easy to control and full of fun. It allows you to pilot in various ways. It is very good for both indoors and outdoors. No matter where your RC skill level is, this RC helicopter is sure to give you with great flying experience.


> Easy to control

> Able to turn left, right, forward and backward

> Has multiple LED lights

> Can fly at night conveniently

> Specially more integrated gyroscope radio control

> Long flying control range

> Smooth hovering performance


> No extra parts included

2. NiGHT LiONS TECH WL Large V9 12 4CH Single Blade

WL toys V9 12 RC helicopter is one of the helicopters that belong to large category. It has ability to be controlled at distance of about 150m flying time. Its charging time is about 8 minutes. This helicopter has ability to fly up, down, forward, and downward, turn to the right and left. Its frequency is 2.4 GHz and has 4 channels.


> Easy to fly

> Portable

> Ability to fly in all directions

> Easy to learn

> Good for the beginners and professionals


> Careful to understand

3. Hacktoys S735C 2.4GHz Large 30” Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH RC Helicopter

Hacktoys stands by every product it provides and will never provide a product that will not meet the standard of its quality. This is to let you know that the quality of the product of Hack Toys is top-notch and second to none. Sincerely, S735C helicopter is a larger version of HAK635C and it provides an excellent upgrade for the people that wanted to become proficient at flying coaxial helicopters.


> Very easy and handy

> Controller is intuitive to use

> Availability of trim function on the controller for left and right

> Built-in gyroscope for maximum stability and maximum range and simultaneous flights


> The slight breeze from outdoor affect the flying

> The rear rotor is powered proportionally to how much vertical throttle you give it

> Difficult to lift the tail in order to move forward

> The remote control does not have LED screen

4. Tangkula GT QS8005 3.5 Ch Big RC Helicopter 2 Speed Blue

Tangkula GT QS8005 is a blue helicopter with attractive look. The material used for the design is ABS and the weight is 930g/2.05lbs. The main engine is 380 motor x 2 pcs while the size of the helicopter is 42” x 16.93” x 6.30”


> Works great

> Very handy

> Lands perfectly

> Full of fun

> Have value for money

> Portable

> Durable


> Battery not included in the package

5. TMS Red 53” GT QS8006 Extra Large 3.5 Ch RC Coaxial helicopter Built-in Gyro 2 Speed

TMS Ted 53 inches comes ready to fly and this coaxial blade sets provide very stable flight for the indoor and outdoor flying. The Gyro helps to keep the helicopter flying straight and at level. By so doing; it makes take offs and landings very easy and offers smooth and effortless flying.


> Pre-installed of full lighting system

> Able to fly at night

> Full lifelike control with forward, backward, up and down and as well as left and right

> Zero turn

> Easy to fly

> Full of fun

> Ready to fly

> Durable

> Huge and cool to behold


> Difficult to control

> Delayed inputs

> Poor instructions

> Not good for beginners

Best RC Helicopter Size To Learn On?

Now that we have identified our 5 base sizes, we see what your best RC helicopter collective step is to learn.

As suggested in the introductory paragraph, “The Bigger The Better” (to some extent) and very much depending on how you learn (more on that in a nutshell).

It seems that from a cost point of view, this does not make sense, but from an easy to learn perspective to fly, large RC helicopters have advantages.

  • Large RC helicopters are more stable and easier to steer.    
  • The wind will not affect the big RC helicopters so much, again for more stability.   
  • Large RC helicopters are easier to see when flying.    
  • Big RC helicopters are easier to work with.

The disadvantage of large RC helicopters is that they cost more than small, sometimes much more. They also cost more to repair and operate, and can be very intimidating and dangerous if you learn by yourself.

You also need to cover a large area of ​​flight safely and with many new RC flight restrictions worldwide (especially thanks to the RC drones), the areas flying flight from large RC are becoming increasingly difficult to access in some countries.

Large RC Helicopters

In general, the best way to start is with the largest RC helicopter you can buy, operate and service (within reason). For most newcomers, that means what I have classified as a “small” or “mini” electrical size. More RC Heli pilots have recently and successfully learned to fly in these sizes than anyone else.

The 450 size electrics are personal recommendations for my friends due to their cost and growth potential. The good thing about this size is the price: usually the largest rotor-to-diameter ratio versus the dollar is obtained with 450 size helicopters in all other sizes (Micro Monster). They have a really good size and get decent flight times. There are several ready-to-fly (RTF) packages like the 330X Blade, which gives you the “best value for money” in this size segment.

That said, the introduction of micro- and mini-pitch-good performance with electronic stabilization helicopters can also be a very good choice for launching collective self-learning. They do not cost much, they are pretty shockproof and not intimidating.

The other added benefit with them is that they can be small enough to be flown in your own garden or even within micro sizes. Most are exempt from RC flight restrictions because they pose a minor threat to people or property.

However, Micro and Mini RC Helis have certain limitations.

The most obvious are fairly short flying times, are very fast small, are hard to work with and are in some ways disposable by nature, and they can not “grow” on them. However, they are wonderful practical tools, and personally I find them more useful and funnier than time in a simulator.

More and more people are starting to learn how to successfully fly collective pitch into micro and mini-CP, so they work very well for some people.

180 degrees at the other end of the spectrum of microsize, remember an email from a colleague who had been living awhile in Reno Nevada area that had just entered before the hobby. He did not want to learn by himself, preferring to learn from a teacher to speed up the process.

Then he joined the local RC Helicopter Flight Club and enrolled for the lesson. Not in anything less than a RC sized 600 helicopter, but they were actually pushing 700, and that’s what their first RC helicopter ended up being that which he learned his lesson from day one: very successful I could add.

Large RC Helicopters

Why did you want to start in such a big RC helicopter?

Well, there is almost always wind in Reno, and in this case it makes sense to learn a big, stable bird. The flight times are also very long, which makes each flight training more convenient for the student and to maximize training time with the student teachers.

I would not advise anyone to self-learn in such a large RC helicopter because of the dangers and costs involved. but with the help of an instructor these concerns are greatly reduced.

That’s exactly why I point out in my best page RC helicopters, there is no “best size” for everyone to learn because everything depends on the location of the flight, how to fly and learn, of course, your budget. ..


In conclusion, large RC helicopters are more stable and easier to control. Wind does not affect them much and they are more stable. They are very easy to see when flying and are easier to work on.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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