Icharger 3010b review single product review

Are you looking for a free balance adapter board that can be used for batteries with Thunder Power type and the common XH/Align type balance connectors? Then, you are in the right place because here is an icharger 3010b that can fulfill all your heart desire for your want.

This is the kind of charger that can help you fill the need easily due to the fact that it is full of plenty room to grow with you as your involvement in RC is growing.

The reason is that it will always make your batteries within 0.01v when balancing and will surely do a great job when doing the dozen or so 1S lips for your Nano QX.

The small size and additional features of icharger 3010b are very nice including the motor test function that makes one diagnose motor problems when having a breeze.

icharger 3010b

If you are having icharger 3010b and want to charge many 6S or larger packs in parallel, you do not need to bother about the frills of the 308 and 4010 Duo’s. In fact, you can be using this charger to two years and encounter no problem with it.

All it need is just a second to get install in your charging case. The charger comes with a free EP Buddy XH and TP balance adapter board, 1000W power charger that is able to charge almost 10 cell of iLiPo batteries. Its maximum charge rate is 30A and can as well charge NiMH, NiCd, Pb, LiFe and Li-ion batteries.

The interesting aspect of it is that it comes. If you have any issue with it, wish may not likely occur, you can easily get back to the company that produced it for them to fix for you.


  • Accurate balancing
  • Far better than the 10mV accurai specified
  • With regenerative discharge, it absolutely rocks
  • Portable
  • Versatile and powerful
  • The line of battery chargers are among the most popular in the RC body


  • 5% unsatisfied about the external discharging resistor load regulation
  • 15cm flame due to bad capacitors

In addition, the icharger 3010b review shows that this charger is made for charging 1S-10S packs at up to a 30 amp charge rate while it also give you useful tools like that of measuring the internal resistance of your batteries or safely and easily discharging packs for storage. With a JST-XH & thunder Power balance board thrown in for free, you are ready for just about anything.


  • LiPo/Lilo/LiFe: 1-10 series
  • Discharge Power: 80W
  • Charge Current range: 0.05-30A
  • Maximum Charge Power: 1000W (at>23.5V; 500W at 12V)
  • A year warranty

icharger 3010b

Sincerely speaking, one of the icharger 3010b review stated it that it is highly recommended for any battery junkie or lover. The reason is that it can charge everything from 12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 to AAA NiMH.

In fact, if you switch from generator to solar and battery for car camping, it is able, anytime the sun does not shine, you can use it to charge your LiFePO4 from your car.

In case your car battery is dead, you can as well use icharger 3010b to charge your car battery from your solar & LiFePO4. In fact, one can say it is an urgent support charger for anyone that is using any form of battery system off grid. Despite that it is too small and light, yet it is very powerful.

Another buyer described icharger 3010b as all around an awesome charger. It is such a great charger that has good and diligent customer service support. You do not need to install anything off the included CD-rom, all you need is just to go to the Progressive RC and make download of all the latest drivers and software, and then you are as good to go.


Finally, there are lots of icharger 3010b review that testifies to the goodness of the icharger 3010b. Do not waste your precious time on all the chargers designed by quack producers that has flooded the market.

Just go straight and make your own purchase and within a short period of time, you will say bye-bye to those hungry author chargers that has been tormenting the life of your gadgets.

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