How To Charge A Remote Control Helicopter Without A Charger? [Step-By-Step]

Flying RC helicopters is one of my passions and my most favorite pastime activity. Since you know, it is necessary to fully charge the helicopter before flying, I always keep the charger where I can find it easily. But today I will inform you about how to charge a remote control helicopter without a charger – as a backup plan.

It is or not impossible for your RC charger to not respond suddenly or for you to misplace it somewhere. Therefore, in this article, I will give you the steps you need to follow to charge your helicopter without the charger it came with.

How To Charge A Remote Control Helicopter Without A Charger

It is always the best option to charge your helicopter with the charger that was provided with the helicopter. But sometimes the original charger might not work or you may misplace the charger somehow. In that case, you can follow the given options below:

How To Charge A Remote Control Helicopter Without A Charger

Charging With The Controller:

In almost every controller, there is a spare cable attached to it that can help you to charge the helicopter from the battery cells that are inserted in the chopper. It is the best way to charge your helicopter.

The only disadvantage of this situation is, you need to replace the cells again and again after a few days. The batteries are drained to supply energy to the helicopter and so, it fails to supply energy to the transmitter when the chopper is flying.

Making Your Own Charger:

You can make this charger by yourself at home if you have the basic tools in your house. Otherwise, you can take your device to any handphone repair shop and they will make it for you.

Step 01: Take a 9 volt 1 amp DC adapter and a DC pin, two wires (positive and negative)

Step 02: Connect the positive wire (red) and the negative wire (black) in the DC pin

Step 03: Remove the nut of the pin

Step 04: Open up the cover of the transmitter after removing all the screws

Step 05: Create a hole to adjust the pin in the body of the transmitter

Step 06: Adjust the nut again with the pin

Step 07: Connect the black wire with the other black wire point and do the same for the red wire.

Step 08: Connect the pin with the adapter to check whether the connection is complete

Step 09: Attach the screw to cover up the transmitter again

Step 10: Connect the adapter in the electric plug, connect the transmitter with the adapter and connect the helicopter with the transmitter.

Step 11: The indicator LED light will blink for a minute and then it will be stable.

Now, you have successfully created your own charger.

Connect USB Cable With The Transmitter:

There is another way to charge your helicopter directly with the transmitter. All you need is a cable with the striped end to connect them with the positive and negative poles where you insert the batteries.

Remove two batteries and connect the wires. The other part of the cable can be connected with the DC adapter or to the laptop.

In both of these processes, you don’t need to change the batteries after a few days. The main source of power in this situation is not the batteries, so they don’t drain quickly.


Can You Use a Mobile Phone Charger As An Alternative?

Answer: No. You shouldn’t use your mobile phone charger for your RC helicopter because the charger will continually provide power over 8 volts which can damage the battery.

What Kind Of Battery Do You Need For A Remote Control Helicopter?

Answer: You can use normal battery cells or LiPo batteries.

Why Does My RC Helicopter Not Charge?

Answer: Incorrect voltage, damaged circuit or battery or a disconnected switch can cause the problem.


Although it is always a good idea to place your RC charger where you can find it easily, it is okay to misplace it sometimes. Since now you know how to charge a remote control helicopter without a charger, fly your helicopter without any worry!

I hope the ideas will give you back up whenever you need them, but it is always better to charge the helicopter with its original charger. And to keep the battery safe, don’t overcharge or overuse the same battery. Be careful with your charger and you will get extended battery life for your RC Heli.

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