Hero RC H911 Review

This is Hero RC H911 of Warbird edition with Gyrostar series. It is such a superb and cool looking remote control helicopter that is highly exciting when flying. Meanwhile, one can easily say hero rc h911 review is all about a game changer when it comes to RC helis. The reason is that it is the best for the beginners.

Hero RC H911 2.4GHz iRocket 4 Channel Fixed Pitch Ready to Fly Helicopter

This helicopter is not a coaxial but has a 4 channels one. Sincerely, it is a single main rotor blade helicopter with built-in gyro.

Overview of Hero RC H911

There are many things to say about this type of helicopter beginning from the fact that it is a cool looking type. The cockpit pattern is fantastic. Some of the things that make this helicopter an absolute new experience for those pilot that used to fly coaxial helicopters include:

  • Ability to fly indoor and outdoor
  • Dual mode operation
  • Transmitter with an LCD
  • Binding process which is very new
  • Servo cyclic control which is another challenging yet interesting thing to master with this helicopter

hero rc h911 review

Heli H911 Has an Indoor/Outdoor Flight Ability

When you continue to practice with this helis and experience the ease of its going from everything which appears to be fine, then to crash, you begin to have the understanding and control value that you have on the ship.

In most cases, the RC helis crash due to the fact that they were tested under extreme situations and absolutely ignoring the suggestion of the producer.

However, this naturally occur when you become bored with the framework, then thinking of advancing to the next level and see how it goes. This is the reason why this helis is able to fly indoor and outdoor.

What a great deal! This will provide more flexibility anytime you want to test your helis outdoor.

Beginner or professional?

This is one of the things that are absolutely new to the starter pilot – a dual mode operation. The reason for the valuable is because of RC helis that has this capability is the best option and as the next step in the learning curve of a pilot.

The dual operation mode functionality lets you choose between two different operation scenes.

Firstly, the heli can be set to respond gently and softly in order to command you send with the transmitter. By so doing; it will allow you accustomed to the helicopter and the new 4th channel you need to operate. As soon as you get used tom how the helis functions, you can then switch to another mode which is more responsive.

The two modes permit you to control the heli and make fun with it. As a professional, you will be able to hone your skills as pilot and it gives you stronger game setting. This implies that you will get a more challenging but have exciting experience.

The H911 Hero remote control comes with two mode features. The features can allow you to know how to control it at your won convenient time.

However, if you are flying indoors, then this could be a nice idea in trying gentler mode. As soon as you are outside, the most responsive mode will become the best option.

hero rc h911 review

LCD Transmitter

With a transmitter and an LCD on it, it gives you vital information for the suitable RC helicopter operation. If it is properly used, this information we are talking about could be very helpful in making significant decision to avoid crashes hence it is very good to have a transmitter with an LCD on top of it.

Binding Process

This is the syncing of the transmitting and receiving units of the helicopter. It is an important stage prior actually flying your device. The binding process is carried out in three simple steps and it is as easy as to install the battery on heli.

However, this is a leveled surface, then turn on the transmitter immediately with the throttle in the lowest position. Some LEDs will blink to show that the binding is complete and you are ready to go.

Servo Cyclic Control

Cyclic control is the particular words that describe the direction which the helicopter moves and it changes the direction a bit more until it attains it every cycle. With the cyclic control, all the directions are attained by literally tilting the single main rotor blade in one another direction.


  • Easy to fly
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control
  • Good for both pros and beginners


  • Do not try to fly so high

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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