Ever since inception till date has Havoc helicopter which is also known as Mil Mi-28 become the standard attack for the Army and Russian Air Force together with Kamov Ka-50/ ka-52 series.

It has been reported that this kind of rc helicopter was a Cold War product made purposely for the platform of anti-tank attack.

This weapon is almost the same in the mode of operation and scope as American Hughes AH-64 Apache series.

Here are top five havoc helicopter you should know for better selection:

1. Air Hogs R/C AH-64 Army Apache Havoc Heli Indoor

Air Hogs Apache havoc helicopter consists of a four way control indoor helicopter.

This includes a Lipo battery and a charger and has no knowledge required assembling it.

This helicopter has multiple flights on a single charge and able to fly in any space.

Air Hogs R/C AH-64 Army Apache Havoc Heli Indoor


> It is full of tons of fun

> Packaged with great instructions

> Cool helicopter

> Really durable

> Very easy to get the hand of the controls

> Good for starters

> Very small in size

> Light weighted

> Very easy to fly


> Needs a little more weight on the front

> Does not fly well underneath direct sunlight so cannot pretty much fly outdoors

2. 1.72 Mil MI-28N Russian Attack Helicopter

The Mil Mi-28 is a Russian all –weather, day-night, military tandem, two-seat anti-armor attack helicopter.

It is such a dedicated attack helicopter with no intended secondary transport capability, better optimized than the Mil Mi-24 for the role.

It carries a single gun in an undernose barbette, plus external loads carried on pylons beneath stub wings.

1.72 Mil MI-28N Russian Attack Helicopter


> Great model to construct

> The layout is very easy to understand

> Picture illustrates better

> High quality model

> Easy scale to work with

> Very easy to assemble


> All instructions written in Russian. Need to write in English for others to benefit.

3. Havoc Striker Green helicopter Remote-Controlled by Spin Master

This includes helicopter, a controller/charger, 2 spare tail propellers, and a rotor removal tool and instruction guide. The control system is very intuitive and simple.

It needs 6 AA batteries which is not included for effective function.

The design is durable and permits you to learn the fundamentals of remote-controlled flight of the system.

With this helicopter, one can fly just like expert within a short period of time.

Havoc Striker Green helicopter Remote-Controlled by Spin Master


> Good quality

> Great product

> Durable

> Reliable

> Good quality materials

> Easy to assemble

> Easy to operate


> No battery included

4. DML Dragon 1:72 Air Superiority Series

This helicopter has been in the drafting boards ever since 1980. It has been competed with the Kamov in trial.

Despite that it eventually lose in trials competition, yet Havoc helicopter was still admitted as a result of its consistent upgrading which made it finally entered its serial production in the year 1987 but launched formally for the first time to the public in Paris Air Show in 1989.

Even though, its production initially was not last longer because of its status of operation which is for the day time only.

The helicopter was developed in the day-night attack system because this was shown by the radome addition on the main rotor mast.

The production of the new set of production was a little bit behind as priority and yet still passed to the Ka-50 series while the defense budget were awfully cut down in 1991 after the Soviet Empire diminish.

DML Dragon 1:72 Air Superiority Series


> Good and standard quality

> Just like Army helicopter

> Become a professional in no time

> Easy to assemble

> Simple but complex in its outlook

> It is meant for intended crew that their ultimate is to pilot the Mi-28N

> Piloting controls are not made redundant in the aft cockpit in order to promote limited concentration from either crew member in his respective cockpit.

> Its compartment is intended as a rescue feature for downed airmen rather than using it for the transporting armed combatants into the battle.


> It is not for transporting but purposely for rescue mission.

5. Air Hogs Havoc Sport – Color May Very

This helicopter is very good for children between age 8 and 10.

Air Hogs has ability to fly in any room. It is very easy to operate and great for indoor or outdoor with 4 way control.

Air Hogs Havoc Sport – Color May Very


> Good quality material

> Easy to use

> Easy to operate

> Good for both beginners and professionals

> Durable


> It terrifies animals around


In summary, havoc helicopter is not for common man or for transporting. It is purposely for battle and rescue mission.

The way it was designed made it clear that only air force men can use it for its purpose and not just for layman.

Besides, for intended pilot who is willing to train with it can as well take advantage of it.

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