Evo App Connected Coding Robot (Video & Review)

Children just have to draw lines on a sheet of paper or on a mobile device to program the little robot. When they feel more comfortable, they can program on mobile devices and computers.

Evo App Connected Coding Robot Review

Now Ozobot is taking a big step forward with under hundred dollar Evo, a new robot that has sensors to interact with its surroundings, lights, speakers and social skills. It’s basically like a small Star Wars Droid that you can program yourself.

He can also react autonomously and react to changes in the environment, for example, if he has blocked it by hand or has picked it up, with his own personality, thanks to the addition of lights and sounds.


You can remotely control Evo from a new Ozobot application, where you can program it and interact with other Evo owners. Social skills are especially interesting!
You can connect with a friend anywhere in the world and reflect your bid moves.

Evo App Connected Coding Robot

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You can also create routines evo with others so you can come and go to design something like a sophisticated dance sequence.

The company also tries to build a small social network allowing you to chat with friends from your application.

In addition to the basic programming based on lines that originally made Ozobot popular, you can record actions using the mobile application.

You can also program Evo with the OzoBlockly language, which allows you to create commands with a block surface. It’s based on Javascript, so think of it as a training wheel for proper coding.

It’s a better time than ever for children to schedule; The hard part is discovering which of the many solutions out there is worth it.
Based on my brief experience with the Evo, it seems more polished than most of the competition. This is mainly because Ozobot spent the last years making a name among educators.

The company says its previous bots are now in about 2,000 schools and reach nearly 500,000 children worldwide.

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Evo App Connected Coding Robot Videos

Evo App Connected Coding Robot

Ozobots Bit and Evo: Smart Robots That Teach Coding and Creativity

Learn to Code: Getting started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit robot

Evo – Unboxing and Getting Started

Evo’s Tricks: Follow

How to Teach With Ozobot Evo

The Ovobot Evo will be on sale on November 1 for under hundred dollar. It comes in white and black variants, and you can also add covers to give them a little more style. 

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