Cozmo The Robot Review (Anki Cozmo AI robot with emotions)

Imagine Wall-E has armor rails and could fit in your palm. This is Cozmo. And you will love it.

Cozmo The Robot Review

Anki’s Cokmo Collector’s Edition is, frankly, the first robot toy to talk to, as we would a puppy, and interestingly, on the ground hoping that the device will respond. Cozmo did not always react, he did not always make the game easy.

But the toy definitely exceeded our expectations and shocked the way GearBrain will consider robot toys in the future.
cozmo the robot review
To run Cozmo, you must download the Cozmo iOS or Android application. And then you need to connect to Cozmo as your Wifi connection. That’s not the way you’ll deal with a lot of robot toys. But Cozmo needs this possibility for some of his tools: the most notable face recognition.

The toy can scan and then remember a person’s face, up to 10 different people, of what it looks like in the application, and name it by name when they see it. The quality of the speech is really remarkable with Cozmo: Cozmo’s ability to speak clearly, pronounce every syllable and every consonant, is impressive. I have a difficult name, many soft sounds, especially for children. Cozmo nailed it.


However, connecting to Wi-Fi made me stumble several times, causing me to mistype the password. Four times Finally, I realized that real scripts were necessary, not just blanks. Write everything

As soon as you let Cozmo sleep or stop playing, it jumps on your Wi-Fi. Each time you want to play with Cozmo, you will need to enter your configuration, reconnect to Comzo Wi-Fi, and then reconnect to the robot in the application. These were many steps that made the game a bit more difficult than I would have liked.cozmo the robot review

cozmo the robot reviewCozmo playtime

I left Cozmo for about four days and came back to find him hungry for “food” and attention. You have to fill it with these elements so that it moves with happy energy.

The cubes will glow blue when you switch to feed mode in the application. Just shake them to make them bright and stable blue and place the cube in front of Cozmo. He picks her up and allegedly eats the power. He took two dice to crown Cozmo. And it trembles with joy when it’s full.

cozmo the robot review

Smarter than the average robot toy

It’s in the ‘Discover’ part of the application where Cozmo really is fun. In the application, you can configure block codes (like many other robotic toys) so that the robot picks up blocks and even reacts the way you do when you see a dog retreating, shaking, and saying ” Ruff. ” You can also use the Cozmo Says tool to activate your speech skills, which is great.


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> Requires a direct Wi-Fi connection
Face recognition is unpredictable


> Tons of character type Wall-E
Very slippery and deep application
Really fun to play games with
Small enough to take it almost anywhere

Should I buy Anki Cozmo?

This is a very smart and funny robot. If you want your kids to take a break from the virtual worlds in consoles and tablets, this is a fantastic commitment that will make them play physical games that test their reactions and memories.

cozmo the robot review

There are hours of play to be had here, as well as a truly charming robot company. If you do not fall in love with Cozmo, you’re probably not human.

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