Top 5 Blade Nano CP S You Must Have

Have you ever heard that Blade Nano CP S is an ultra micro helicopter that is regarded s the pain free path to 3D helicopter aerobatics? What makes flying a collective pitch heli very easy most especially fort eh beginners is that innovative SAFE technology and its progressive flight mode system. Here are some top five Blade Nano CP S helis for your view:

1. Blade Nano CP S BNF Vehicle

The Blade Nano CP S ultra micro RC heli is a perfect option for aerobatic heli fun most especially if you really want to try 3D maneuvers for the first time.

Even though, the vehicle is light weight airframe with fragile sleek pod-n-boom design, its structure with super-resilient polymers together with a carbon fiber main shaft and tail boom permit this vehicle to have high quality durability.


> Perfect little micro

> Easy to fly

> Super smooth stability mode

> Very durable


> Can only be fly in advance mode

> Very hard to set up and calibrate

> Battery defect

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2. KBDD Blade Nano CP X/CP S Neon Yellow Extreme Edition Tail Rotor Blades

KBDD Blade Nano CP X/CP S Neon Yellow includes a total of 6 tail rotor blades and it works on the Blade Nano CP X, Nano CP S and MCP X. it is highly visible and helps with orientation.

The engineered airfoil is for excellent tail rotor holding power and authority. It was manufactured in the USA with a proprietary plastic polymer which makes the Blades super durable.

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> Excellent tail rotor

> Durable

> Easy to use

> Of high quality

> With very high standard

> Easy to fly

> Little thicker than the stock tail rotor to enhance durability


> The instruction manual must be worked on

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3. KBDD Blade Nano CP X / CP S Pure White Extreme Edition Tail Rotor Blades

The KBDD Blade nano CP X/CP S Pure White Extreme Edition consists of a total of 6 tail rotor blades and it work on the Blade Nano CP X, Nano CP S and MCP X which is not the MCP X BL.

For better assistant in orientation, its high visible pure white is a great enhancement. The Airfoil that is used in its design helps its excellent tail rotor to hold power and authority. What makes it super durable is the fact that it was produced in the USA with a proprietary plastic polymer.


> Durable

> Very easy to use

> Very easy to fly

> High and great quality

> Of great standard


> Very fragile in handling

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4. Blade Nano CP S RTF Vehicle

The Nano CP S RTF vehicle is the best choice for anyone that want to catch fun with aerobatic helicopter. Just a simple approach to electronics and mechanics will carry you all through with efficiency.

If you are not oriented enough, all you need is just to press the Panic Recovery button and SAFE technology to lock the Nano CP S RTF into a perfectly level altitude.


> Fully assembled

> There is no building required

> SAFE technology enable learning 3D heli flight and catch more fun

> Versatility in flight mode

> Panic recovery mode availability

> Transmitter added

> Light weight canopy

> High speed main motor

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> Works great

> Good for training

> Good for little chopper


> Possibility of swash plate to come apart in the mid air

> At times, misalign gear

> At times, lacking power in motor

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5. Blade Tail Boom Assembly: Nano CP S

Blade Tail Boom Assembly is a replacement tail ad it includes a factory installed motor with pre-wired and a replacement tail rotor blade.


> No soldering needed

> Fresh tail boom and new motor

> Worth its price

> Just plug and play

> Very easy to fix

> Direct replacement tail boom and motor

> Durable tails

> Makes your Nano works like new


> Stress of getting the replacement

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Blade Nano CP S Internal performance and low impact resistance

The Blade Nano CP S is very well suited for indoor use, even in rather modest rooms. It really is the perfect size for this environment because it gets very small, very fast when flying in larger areas.

Of course, this small CP micro helium can also be blown out in the open and can handle even the light breeze with a pretty decent power and stability. Nothing like taking your little microcoax out with a light breeze. With SAFE technology in Stability mode, the Blade Nano CPS is actually a CP helicopter that can easily be taken over by a micro-coax as the very popular mCX2 blade.

For better protection of beginners, as shown above, the Nano CPS can even be set up with a range of exercise microplates for those who feel that the stability added to the “exercise bike” in beginner mode is not enough.

Of course, the exercise machine provides an additional visual presence, and in a micro-CP helicopter like this one, it will detect small changes in pitch and roll before you can see that motion in the helicopter.

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This will allow you to make tax corrections faster and more accurately. It’s not a big problem in Stability mode, but it can be helpful to test the agility mode or the acrobatics mode with its own level stability mode feature disabled.

What I really like about Blade Nano CP S & X is its low weight. As most of you know, a low weight in a micro helicopter = low energy release when it’s blocked.

I talk about it all the time as one of the advantages of learning in micro helicopters, and the nano is no exception to this rule.

Blade Nano CP S

Whenever you switch off before you hit something (activate the gas lock switch), this little bug usually bounces off the wall or otherwise and falls to the ground without damage.

Of course, much depends on how fast you fly and how it hits and how hard the object you hit. But most of the damage is unlikely when turning off the helicopter. If it does not turn off, the tilting axle will almost always bend, I have found it, and it is a good spare part at hand (BLH3313).

However, if damage occurs, you can be certain that parts are available and inexpensive for the Blade Nano CP S. Also in the “parts” note, as with all small helicopters.

I strongly recommend that you stay away from the expensive and heavy aluminum upgrade parts on the Blade Nano CP S.
There are many out there, and the only thing they do is usually add weight, which puts more pressure on the heli, reduces the time of flight and almost always more damage by accident.


Finally, all the above mentioned helis and tools are very essential if you truly want to enjoy your machines for a long period o time without stress.

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