Blade 360 cfx vs 450x (2 Top Tips & Review )

The Blade 360 cfx vs 450x 3D RC helicopter took the place of the original 400 and the 450X which is the flybarless version has now taken the place of the 450 3D. The two have been stopped but building on the success of 450 is the Blade 330X which is of the same size but with different sizing method.

Blade 360 cfx vs 450x

Blade keeps striving to become the number one entry-level brand producer to assist in getting the enthusiasts introduced to this hobby in an economical and functional way.

Aluminum head still uses plastic blade grips for weight reduction in addition to some flex for tamer cyclic response. Meanwhile, there is a metal blade grip upgrade if you want to put them on later down the road.

Sincerely, the new 450 has a good many aluminum upgrade parts if you want to upgrade. Better quality head dampeners over simple o-rings with shims that wore out quickly when it is not properly cared for.

The full-size dampeners like these last longer since the entire dampening area of the head block is utilized. You do not need to use shims to over-compress the older style o-rings which is one of the causes of pre-mature dampener failure.

1. Blade BLH4755 Trio 360 CFX BNF Basic

The Blade Trio 360 CFX helicopter is the three-blade crowned cousin of the popular 360 CFX powerhouse. Optimized servo geometry and lightweight design allow the high-voltage power system to provide exceptional performance with precision control.

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With an oversized hardened main shaft, metal gear servos, helical main gear and the durable belt is driven tail design, there is nothing stopping hard-core heli pilots from inventing the next generation of maneuvers.

Complexity and parts count are low, making maintenance simple. All-metal mechanics with rigid dampening and the included carbon fiber blades enhance precision.

Combined with the expertly turned Spektrum TN AR7210BX receiver, the result is a 3-blade helicopter with a significant increase in response and collective authority. For an out-of-the-box 3D experience that is unmatched, the Trio 360 CFX answers the call.

ProsBlade BLH4755

  • 99 percent assembled
  • Just install Blades and Battery
  • The 3-Blade head offers greater collective authority and response
  • Optimized geometry servo for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Lightweight and rigid construction with CNC aluminum and carbon fiber parts
  • Reliable castle creations talon 35 high voltage ESC


  • Looks fragile
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2. Blade 450 X RTF

The heli development team has lots o combined RC experience designing or flying everything from ultra micros to high-performance 3D machines. If anyone knows what awesome performance looks and feels like, they do.

It is their expertise that makes the new Blade 450 X the ultimate 450 sizes ready to fly heli experience. It does not only does it come packed with great features such as the lightest airframe in its category and rigid head design, but it also comes with a new helical main drive system to make the heli quieter and all-new digital metal-gear servos to enhance precision and durability.

At the core of its awesome performance is the Spektrum TM AR7200BX flybarless control system; a remarkable advance that combines a 7-channel DSMX receiver with Beast X TM 3-axis MEMS stabilization into a single, lightweight unit. This combined with a high-output brushless power system. A vibrant new canopy and carbon fiber blades mean that you are in for a spectacular 3D heli experience.

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If you are an intermediate RC pilot looking for a high performance 450 size helicopter. But do not want to build or set up one from scratch. The Blade 450 X RTF is the solution. Best of all its already been flight tested with the spectrum TM DX6i DSMX transmitter in the box. So all you have to do is charge the Li-Po battery and go flying.

ProsBlade 450 X RTF

  • Full of fun
  • Fully-assembled and flight tested
  • Belt-driven tail rotor
  • Durable
  • Lightweight mainframe and landing gear
  • Pre-programmed spectrum DX6i transmitter
  • 4 AA batteries
  • High-output
  • New helical main gear and motor pinion


  • Transformer 110 DC volts to 12 volts needed to connect the lipo charger
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In summary

The Blade 450 RC helicopter is an improved Blade 400 keeping what worked and changing out what could be improved while making it more visually appealing.

The 450X has much better stability and flight tracking because of the very good flybarless stabilization unit.

Also, it is noticeably more powerful and agile when compared to the old 400 and 450 3D. The support parts are excellent most especially since many of the same Blade 400 parts are utilized on the new 450’s.

Johan Lozano

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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