Blade 120 SR Parts (Top 5 Review)

The blade 120 sr parts heli possesses a fixed pitch that will provide you with the boldness to know the fundamental of single-rotor flight. Its uniqueness rotor head was mainly programmed to offer inherent stability of a coaxial heli, but give the quick control of a single-rotor helicopter.

Top 5 Blade 120 SR Parts Review

It is designed after the common ultra micro size blade mSR helicopter, the sub-micron size 120 SR helicopter is a bit larger, quicker and very stronger. All these make it suitable for outdoor flight. Some of the blade 120 sr parts include:

1. Blade Tail Rotor (1): 120SR

Blade Tail Rotor

It comes out of the box with absolute factory built and equipped with a factory installed 5-in-1 control unit with spectrum™ 2.4 GHz DSM2® compatible receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer, gyro, and fully proportional servos.


  • Great OEM blades
  • Quality product
  • Good Stock replacement
  • Exactly the same stock on the advert
  • Rotor did not break
  • Very easy to bend to the other way to straighten it out


  • Must be checked very well before acceptance

2. Blade Landing Skid (left and right): 120SR

Blade Landing Skid

This is a great way to advance from coaxial helis to fixed pitch single-rotor machines. Its unique head design allows you to enjoy the additional speed and agility of a single-rotor heli without giving up lots of self-stabilizing features you might be familiar with.

While that it is definitely small enough to fly indoors, the 120 SR is plenty big enough to fly in the backyard in a light breeze.


  • Easy to install
  • Good stock replacement
  • Perfectly described
  • Great OEM blades


  • Be careful of moderate crashing

3. Blade Main Rotor Blade Set with Hardware: 120SR

 Blade Main Rotor Blade

This is the radio control helicopter set with 2 blades. It is very great to have on hand for easier replacement. These are the stock OEM blades for the Blade 120SR. with prime shipping; it is probably cheaper than driving to the LHS to pick up a pair. If you fly in an open grassy field, you would probably never need new main blades.


  • Good stock replacement
  • Great product
  • Easy to install
  • Great OEM blades


  • Be careful when installing to avoid crashing

4. 2pcs Upgraded turnigy nano-Tech 600mAh 1S 35-70C lipo pack

This is a JST connector that discharges 35C constant /70C burst. It is proper for blade 120SR, 180 QX, mQX, UDI U818A, and Syma X1. It weighs 15.8 grams and economically durable.

These polymer batteries are built with a LiCo nano-technology substrate complex greatly improving power transfer making the oxidation/reduction reaction more effective.

This assists in electrons pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance. For pilots, it shows stronger throttle punches and unreal straight-up performance. Excellent news for 3D pilots indeed!


  • Powerful and well made
  • Use a good battery charger
  • Great batteries when they do not the malfunction
  • Good price point
  • Work real good


  • Check before use if not expired

5. Blade Tail Boom Assembly w/Motor Mount and Rotor: 120SR

Blade 120 SR Parts

This is the tail boom assembly with motor, mount a rotor for model 120SR.


  • Cheaper assembly
  • Break in the motor before use
  • Work as advertised
  • Perfect replacement
  • Easy to install
  • Worth its price
  • Have value for money
  • Assurance of spare part eflite blades


  • Check before use for any default or expiration

In summary

It is good to make your cheap shipping on this blade 120 sr parts but you need to be very careful when ordering and before use.

There could be some miss up along the line but with the good customer support, it will be rectifying immediately.

All the above projects are compatible as stated but make sure it is used with the right part so that there will not be any problem when it is time to operate your helicopter.

With the right fixing, there will be a smooth operation and no problem will be encountered. This is the time to enjoy yourself and family with the blade 120 sr parts helicopter.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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