10 Best Toy Helicopter

A few years back, the idea of flying was declared as the topmost thrilling fantasies when Leonardo Da Vinci first dreamed about the whole piloting experience.

Custom and habit dictate that he created an analog airplane model device that was capable of getting a man to the skies.

However, in this age of heightened technology, there are well-built and high-tech helicopters that fly to an even higher level. Not only that but also moving at supersonic speed.

Best toy helicopter Reviews 2019

The brought up inventions have taken our imagination to a significant level and that is the reason RC flying gadgets can ideally make the difference for you.

That said one needs to understand that not all RC toys are meant for beginners, but eventually, you will learn as you progress.

Even then, it is a wakeup call to you as an RC hobbyist to venture into different best buy remote control helicopter.

It is quite fun and easy to fly these RC helicopters due to numerous availability of option in the market today. If you find yourself struggling on how to select the best toy helicopter, then read along and capture the top ten ideal, great values and best buy RC helicopter in the market.


G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter- Best Toy HelicopterIt is typically defined as a classic return and best Toy RC helicopter. In other words, if you were born in the 80s you will easily understand how important this heli meant for you in the whole society.

The helicopter tends to reflect various forms of episodes when ferrying your awesome GI Joes cartoon into action.

If you didn’t get the chance to fly this best toy helicopter, then consider putting it in your top list helis collections.


  • A unique rotor blade provides ample spinning hence allowing you to rotate the aircraft around its vertical axis.
  • The installed working rescue winch enables you to have the full length of fun since the system tends to increase the level of readiness for rescue and search teams.
  • The mounted machine guns on this helicopter make sure it has withstood the Cobra forces due to its rotating movement
  • You will not only fly this helicopter, but also enjoy the tough commando and ninja skills abilities from Arakishage masters.
  • It is not recommended for children under three years of age due to its small parts which can cause choking


Scale Blue Thunder Die-Cast Helicopter-Best Toy HelicopterThe MH-60 Black series helicopter is typically a resemblance of the standard United States Army Black Hawk. They tend to use the Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) hence providing adequate helicopter support.

You will definitely love this heli due to its dimensional size and a more detailed aircraft.


  • The markings painted on the main rotor blades provides a very detailed and remarkable presentation
  • The included two fins of antennas which you are supposed to glue them on your own are designed to support and balance the heli while piloting
  • It is quite expensive but worthwhile fun
  • The Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) doesn’t carry troops but provides close air support and escort for US special operations such as Delta Force, Navy Seals and Army Rangers.
  • As you plan to purchase this heli, you will also get the included offensive weapons system such as the window mounted M134 Miniguns


THE SCORPION LIKE SHAPE AVATAR RDA GUNSHIPIt is a buy scorpion gunship RDA Avatar due to its unique features. Well, it is not a flyable model and that is why it is regarded as the best toy device.

Since this toy tends to miss a transmitter in it, it only uses action figures such as Na’vi and basic Avatar RDA. Based on its appearance, it is typically the number one well built and designed toy.


  • The toy comes with more than 20 points of articulation
  • The cockpit has an interior section that tends to fold up thus making it easier to get the figures out
  • The overall assembly for this best buy toy is awesome
  • Installed cockpit hinge tends to snap severally hence avoiding further torque brakeage.
  • The front wing guns spin in 360 degrees
  • It is a unique toy since it does not have the spring inside that tends to shoot at any nearby missile.




Disney Pixar Cars Dinoco HelicopterThis is an all way best toy helicopter device due to its well-built design. In fact if you are a car fun, you will also love this RC toy.

Worry less if your kid is a little bit rough when it comes to playing with toys, because this is one of the strongest and sturdy aircrafts in the market today.

Based on the Disney animated movies, your child can come up with their own scene while enjoying this magnificent ride.


  •  It has a removable Mater vehicle
  •  As you push the door button for this heli, you will hear the recorded phrases playing on the background
  •  It has an adequate storage for cars of up to 1 to two maximum
  •  The fun comes when this heli tends to sound like a real aircraft when you make it to spin at ease
  • The 14 inch pin blades makes this heli to move in all direction


It is a ready to fly helicopter that is in one of my top ten list best toy remote control.

It is regarded as a more advanced heli, due to its six-channel control system. Breaking the heli can be a little bit easier if you are not used to using the six controls.

However, you can simply try and practice the hovering and getting it off the ground without stumbling.

But if you can fly a similar heli at ease, then you won’t regret this best buy RC helicopter. Prepare yourself for super speed and lots of fun.


  • Its well-built flybarless structure provides longevity
  • The combination of 1106 rotor brushless motor and 3.7V 500mah battery provides high voltage power for overall performance
  • Has a 3D mode action which allows you to move the heli from one point to another
  • 3-axis gyroscope provides sufficient stability and it can also be switched without interference
  • The helicopter can charge two batteries at a time thanks to the steady USB charger
  • Tends to charge approximately 50 to 60 minutes and fly for about five minutes


Kingtoys Wltoys V915 2.4g 4ch Rc Helicopter Explorers with High Simulation Gyroscope Rc Quad Hobby Blue Best Christmas GiftsIt is regarded as the best toy RC helicopter and that is why it is in one of my top ten finest RC lists.

If you are planning to buy a Christmas gift for your child or friend, worry less since this is the best buy remote control helicopter which will cater for your needs.

Note that it has more super speed which tends to fly with high stimulation.


  • It has a well-built gyroscopic feature for maximum stability and accuracy
  • Installed 7.8V 850mAh battery provides sufficient power for satisfactory performance. You must charge the battery for about 70 minutes
  • After a complete charge the heli can fly for seven minutes
  • The best thing about this aircraft is that you can get the replacement from the manufacturers (Kingtoys)
  • The aircraft can move in 60 degrees thus turn left, turn right, up down an forward, rotate, hover and also mode switching.


It is typically called a die-cast heli for various reasons.

One of them is that it is one of the best toy helicopters and another reason is that it was manufactured under high level of pressure.

The whole process created a well designed die casting metal. Being the fun of the Blue Thunder movie, you won’t be disappointed with this highly detailed model.

You will want to watch the movie several times and remind yourself about the awesome attack helicopters.


  • The heli comes already assembled from the manufacturers.
  • It is a well built detailed model starting from the package and precision
  • The heli is perfect for beginners
  • Has a removable canopy and rotor blades
  • It also has a well detailed cockpit


CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopter Replica - Gigantic Wooden Model Collectible Display ToyThe Gigantic CH46 was found with a crack in a rotor part during the Vietnam-era.

The process has made this heli to be used in the Navy and Marine Corps thus grounding the entire fleet, not forgetting the 45 on duty oversees.

Thanks to the Premium Wood Designs for coming up with this wooden model best toy helicopter. If you are a décor lover, this heli can make a wonderful living room display due to its well-designed structure.


  • It is a well-detailed heli and handcrafted with solid Mahogany
  • The Polyurethane coat finish add a superficial luster to the Deep Wood Grain
  •  It has portable wheels and rotors
  • The stand for this heli is included
  • It Easy to assemble and the overall definition of this best buy remote control helicopter is perfect
  • Is a big model size aircraft thus 17” in length, 29” rotor span and 10.5” in height


Blade Micro AH-64 Apache RTF BLH2500If you want to fly with much ease and confidence, then choose the best toy helicopter. It features an exclusive SAFE technology that provides the heli with electronic flight protection system.

Besides, this best buy RC helicopter captures the delight of the U.S Army.

Standout details such as collective pitch mechanics, fully functional four blades and brushless power makes it easier to fly even if you are a novice.


  • The AS3X Technology protection system provides you with adequate protection and accuracy
  • You are assured to fly with confidence due to the SAFE technology system that offers you the panic recovery mode protection hence preventing the heli from crashing.
  • Has a beginner, intermediate and a more advanced mode
  • It is a ready to fly aircraft hence no assembly needed
  • Unique scale outline and well-built plastic body provide you with maximum longevity
  • The installed collective pitch mechanics give perfect flying scale experience thus you will be able to hover and move in both forward and backward direction.


This best toy helicopter is typically a desktop scale model since you will definitely love it at first glance.

It creates an appealing environment for your office or home desk. If you are a military personnel or an aviation enthusiast, don’t hesitate to get this best remote control helicopter.

The history of AH-64 started back in 1997, which it was widely known for withstanding adverse breeze and precise targets.


  • It is designed with well build material which is easily described by a fusion of art and history
  • It is a perfect gift for any collector and history personnel
  • The heli is manufactured by Boeing Integrated Defense System
  • The 1/32 gives the heli an awesome level of detail
  • The Apache Longbow is well equipped with an advance sensor suite and a glass cockpit as well
  • The aircraft has unique four blades


There are more than hundreds of verities of remote control helicopters and they vary depending on the design and the level of experience.

There are some that are packaged as small as an egg size but they are nearly as fast as sports cars. You can also opt to choose between an expensive and less expensive remote control helicopter.

If you are a beginner in this fun and piloting industry I would suggest to the first start with a three channel remote control helicopter. The advantage of it is that you can fly the heli with much ease thus indoors and outdoors as well.

Also, consider purchasing the above best buy remote control helicopter since they are well designed with high-frequency level. Not to mention that they are less likely to crash due to the installed 2.4GHz radio.

Further, you can learn the art and skills of flying by simply practicing with one simple helicopter. Once you’ve done all that, you will easily maneuver your aircraft in all direction.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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