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Best RC Helicopter Under $100

Today we are going to show you the Best RC Helicopter Under $100 you can buy for less than $ 100 dollars.

We understand that you need to think about your budget when deciding what to buy. If they face budgetary constraints, we have the solution.

Hopefully, the information on this page will help you decide which helicopter is right for you. When you are looking to buy an RC helicopter as well as find the right model, it is important to consider the backup after sales – both spare parts availability and technical support if you have problems.

5 Best RC Helicopter Under $100

We caution against buying RC helicopters on Amazon or from discount sellers on the web, although they may seem cheaper than you are unlikely to get any after-sales service – purchases from overseas sellers are likely to incur tax When the package arrives.

Best RC Helicopter Under $100

Best RC Helicopter Under $100 Buying Guide


Use RC helicopter either an electric or a combustion engine, and understanding the differences between these types of motors and the differences that exist in each motor category should opt for consumers what to look for when purchasing an RC helicopter,


Many RC helicopters using an electric motor for power supply, and manufacturers of this type RC helicopters determine the power of the motor in watts. Uses the most watts of electricity to the motor, the more powerful it is.

In these models, a rechargeable battery supplies battery power, usually the metal hydride Either nickel (NiMH), nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or lipopolymer (Lipo) batteries. These batteries contain all the cells, each of which provides a certain amount of electricity. Nickel batteries provide 1.2 volts per cell and Lipo batteries provide 3.7 volts per cell. Therefore, Lipo batteries provide the greater electrical power of nickel batteries of the same size.

Some batteries have more resistance than others, with a greater amount of mAh, indicating that the battery can last longer between charges.

The size of the electric motor also determines how to run quickly from the battery, with a larger and more powerful motor, the batteries run faster than a smaller motor.

RC electric motor helicopter can fly up to 20 minutes before users have to recharge the batteries, but most of the devices fly for less than 10 minutes with a single charge of the battery.

Use an electrically operated RC helicopter or a motor with brushes or without brushes. The old charcoal brushes are used to transfer electric current to the motor rotor, while this has a fixed magnet rotor that receives the electric current without the need for brushes.

A brushless motor is more durable because there is no need to replace the brushes to wear out over time. Brushing engines are less expensive and are therefore more common in introductory RC electric choppers.


RC gas powered helicopters are less frequent than electrically powered helicopters, but they can also work well. This RC Helicopter uses an internal combustion engine, ignition of fuel and air to generate power. The amount of air displaced by the engine determines how much is the engine with greater air displacement, which corresponds to a higher power measured in the performance.

RC helicopter with an internal combustion engine using Glühbrennstoff with nitromethane. This leads many fans to use the term RC Helicopter Nitro to describe the models that this power source. A battery heats up an incandescent spark plug, which then uses the heat to ignite the air-fuel mixture of the engine for combustion. An exhaust muffler from the fumes that produces this process.

RC helicopters have to make more or less the same flight as their counterparts powered by electricity.  For example, a smaller engine should offer a large fuel tank for an extended flight time.


The tone is another important point to consider when looking for RC helicopter right. Consumers can choose between fixed and collective pitch models.

Fixed pitch
Helicopters with stroke fixed main rotor blades do not change their angle. Adjusting the angle of the rotor blades would help users to increase their choppers and cut without changing the speed of the blades. Since the blades do not change in solid angle helicopters, users should instead accelerate their rotation or slow the lift of the helicopter and lower.

Meeting height
RC helicopter’s main rotor blades fixed unlike RC Helicopters can change pitch collective RC helicopters their angle, allowing the helicopter to raise its own angle to reduce and change its own angle without having to adjust its rotor speed.

Operators can control the collective pitch helicopter only because the rotor blades change their angle rapidly. This minimizes the delay between user commands and helicopter performance.

RC helicopters usually offer anywhere from two to six channels (although some have more), each channel is one of the functions of the helicopter. The reactor is the speed at which the main rotor blades rotate.

Helicopter drop RC in one of four categories in terms of size: micro, small, medium and large.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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