5 Best RC Charger For RC Helicopter

Best RC Charger Review 2019

In our Best RC Charger Guide, we cover the basics of what you need to know about RC battery Charger, what the readings meant, how to select a battery and how to charge, balance, store, reset and dispose of your batteries. An absolute MUST READ if you have no clue about the subject.

In this review of Best RC Charger and guide, we have included a short list of what we believe to be the best RC charger for your money, how to choose the right one and the accessories you may need. Keep reading!

Top Rated 5 Best RC Charger

RC Charger Functions

Many of the features to look for in a best RC charger already covered in the LiPo battery page, but here is a recap more than other important features:

  • Quality and price
  • Warranty / Repair / Replacement Policy
  • The charger will support all types of rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful enough for your freight needs (now and on the road)
  •  Supports the highest cell count of the packet to be used (now and on the road)
  •  It has built-in balance circuits and comes with a good balance card or has built-in balance ports 
  • Accuracy of the equilibrium voltage in the range of 10 – 20 milli-volts (0.01 – 0.02 volts)
  • Limits most of the discharge balance load on the cells to the last part of the charge cycle (the constant voltage of the load) to increase the LiPo life.
  • Displays all cell voltages when balancing
  • You can measure the internal resistance of each cell and the entire packet
  •  The backlit LCD screen is nice
  •  Data logging and PC download/firmware upgrade is a good feature, but it is not absolutely necessary for most people
  • Safety features such as over/under voltage protection, timeout function, temperature probe for protection against overheating, confirmation/protection of the cell count
  •  Lithium battery charging programs useful as balance and storage load
  • Useful NiCad / NIMH load programs such as cycle load/discharge, automatic load, programmable pico delta voltage settings, and training load.
  • Programming the battery memory of the battery profiles so that you do not have to always adjust the charging current and the cell counts for the main batteries you are charging

Selection criteria and what to consider For best RC charger

Top Rated 5 Best RC ChargerBudget
RC chargers come in a wide range of different prices – from around $ 10 to the end of $ 200 and more. If you want the cheapest and easiest solution, we recommend you go with something like Tenergy 1-4 cells. It does not give you many options like download ability but should be enough for most fans.

However, to get the best RC chargers, it is always recommended to invest a little more. Spend a couple of dollars more, and you will have a very good charger at your disposal that you can use for years instead of having to buy a new one in case the cheap dies (which will be more likely if it is cheap) You need the extra features that the really cheap do not have.

Load speed
As we mentioned earlier, if you want additional features like fast charging, you may want to buy an RC charger that has this function. Cheaper RC battery chargers generally do not have a user interface for different configurations. By default, most of these chargers do a balanced load. The best RC chargers for us will be one that will have a user interface and personalization.

Best RC Charger interface User interface
If the battery charger is too complicated to use then it will probably be a pain in the neck. The ones we have chosen here are easy to use and come with easy-to-understand manuals.

However, it may also be important to you that the best RC chargers for you have different modes including download mode and ability to set different charge rates.

Cooling Capacity

This is very important for safety. If you are using a charger that is poor in cooling and can not detect when the batteries are overheating, the likelihood of a fire disaster is increasing. Always remember – safety first.

This is the maximum amount of power (in watts) in which the charger can charge the battery. It is the product of voltage and current so essentially the higher the power, the more capable your charger is in supplying the proper amount of current that your battery needs to charge at. If you have batteries with great capacities, the higher the power, the better.

Last but not least, the brand you purchase is something you should keep in mind if you want the best RC charger for the money. Quality is especially important when charging with RC Charger. Buy a cheap/fake brand charger and increase the odds of a disaster. In this post, however, we have selected the Best RC Charger we think are the best.

Our selection

B680AC CAR Dual PowerOur selection of the best RC charger is the genuine B680AC CAR Dual Power. This charger comes with the most features of all chargers that we have covered. What made this RC charger stand out as the best among our list was the fact that they have three different safety features, resistance meter, battery meter, and expandable firmware.

The upgradeable firmware ensures that each charge is the most accurate and eliminates errors from previous generations. While the software is not always necessary for a good charger, it helps to know that some companies are pushing the envelope to ensure that each charge is the perfect one.


Make sure you remember before you decide what is the best RC charger for you, no matter the model:   

  •  Quality is important to ensure safety and durability, do not buy cheap alternatives.
  • Check that the charger is supplied with a power cord. If it does not, you have to buy one that is separately compatible!
  • Some chargers come with different adapters for different batteries, while others do not. If you fall under these, you can buy a multiple charging cable harness.    
  • This is the last place where you can maximize cost reduction. Better safe than sorry Invest in a cheap fireproof bag at least!

Thanks for reading and hope this guide has helped you decide what is the best RC charger for your needs. Please write a comment if you have any questions and we will act promptly!

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