Are you wondering about how to choose the best Lipo battery connectors? Are you not bothered about how to safely exchange existing connector with a brand new one? Do you know the tools you can use in order to make the process much easier?

Then, you need to read this page for informative tips. There are numerous types of RC best Lipo battery connectors found out there but the problem is, which one can be use most especially if you are a novice. Stated below are the five best lipo battery connectors:

1. XT60 Parallel Charging Board

XT60 Parallel Charging Board connector supports up to four packs of the same type and same cells of 3-4S battery pack.

It balanced port output line with 14AWG multi-strand silicone line and equipped with safety protection XT60 plug silicone cap.

The connectors are of high quality gold plate and contain the battery voltage display function.

XT60 Parallel Charging Board


  • It takes  only an hour to charge 4 batteries

  • Works great with ISDT STC-608 charger
  • Segmented display is very helpful to check the voltage by just plugging in the XT60 connector


  • One can only charge 4 batteries on this board

  • It does not come with the 4s 5 pin connector jumps between the board and the charger.

2.Gens Ace LiPo Battery Pack

Gens Ace is regarded as one of the top rank RC battery brand that is presently reigning in the market. 

With the help of about 200 professional technicians and engineers, it always offers batteries with keen technology for different RC models such as RC helicopters, RC cars, RC boats and RC planes. 

Gens Ace LiPo Battery Pack


  • Strict matching progress, excellent consistency
  • Long life battery cycle

  • Super fast in charging

  • Works great

  • Still the best batteries on the market


  • Low discharge rate

  • Battery gets hot pretty quick

3. LHI XT-60 XT60 Male Female Bullet Connectors Plugs

LHI XT-60 male female are cool little connectors. The gold plated connectors solder easily.

To get one is indeed a good decision.

LHI XT-60 XT60 Male Female Bullet Connectors Plugs


  • Perfectly functional

  • Are of good quality

  • Fit is good under the heat of the iron

  • Do not easily melt

  • Hold their shape well and slide nicely together

  • Work great with 12ga silicone wire


  • Be careful because of heat when hot to avoid cracking or melting

4.10 Pairs 100mm JST 2 Pin Connector Plug 

This is 100mm helicopter lipo battery plug JST connector with 22AWG silicone cord. It is sturdier when welding.

The color is in black and red and can be used on majority of the mini RC helicopter, indoor 3D plane, and LED light strip.

Also, it is very good for connecting motor, battery and ESC Bec Board.

10 Pairs 100mm JST 2 Pin Connector Plug


  • Good quality

  • Work in a pinch

  • ​​​​Well constructed

  • Met the purpose of the design standard

  • Can be used for a battery mod

  • Perfect for linking LED tape strips together  


  • The manual is not well informative

5. RC Lipo Battery Charger Adapter Connector Cable

This can be used to charge the battery powered model aircraft, model cars that are powered by battery, charging methanol engine ignition rod and the charge for each axis aerial device battery power which include the following connectors, Tamiya, JST, Deans Ultra-type, Futaba J servo, Traxxas-type, EC3, etc. The color is black and red.

RC Lipo Battery Charger Adapter Connector Cable


  • Works great

  • Great quality
  • ​​​​Have more connecters

  • Work perfectly on all 4S batteries 

  • Very handy adapter cable

  • Able to charge everything needed in the RC world

  • Work for any battery

  • Has value for money


  • Plug not connector with common charging socket

Wires and plug size utility

So how cables and plugs selected to connect the battery cables and plugs? In general, you want less cable and plug size smaller to minimize the weight of the boat.

You do not have to follow cord thickness LiPo battery. The better the better, the better the performance.

Also, it costs less. Remember, the thicker cables and larger connectors are more expensive than thinner / smaller pendants. Optimization of the wire thickness, if possible.

But that’s not enough to do, on the other hand, the thinner the wire, the smaller the connector that can connect, less power can pass through.

This is not ideal if you are using a large quadcopter, for example a battery with a 6S 4S battery handling. You have to go bigger cables and therefore bigger connections with it.

One limitation: if the amplifier is undecided less than what is required, motors and ESC, this can lead to permanent damage.

So, if you are unsure about the cable size you need, then you should go with the larger cable. A good rule of thumb is to follow the wire size of the ESC because the cables connected to them are usually the size that allows the right amount of power.

best lipo battery connectors

Main considerations

  • Never cut both cables at the same time if you want to cause a spark and destroy the battery.
  • Before soldering a cable with a plug, be sure to insert the heat-shrinkable / insulators and prepare for subsequent sweat 
  • Be sure to insulate the connections after connection. Not doing so will increase the likelihood of an electrical short 10x. Heat it tight with a lighter.
  • When welding wire sizes, especially thick ones, just do not put the wire next to each other ends and wait until the weld is tight.
  • Instead, press the ends together so that the threads from both ends are in one another (some of the threads can go).
  • Use a wire-thin wire and wrap the joint around. Solder this connection after a strong connection!

In conclusion

All these are regarded as some of the best lipo battery connectors but one must exercise carefulness when using it.

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