Best Indoor RC Helicopter

So, which is the best indoor RC helicopter?

Well, the answer is probably based on the customer choice of brand, price, and type. Flying your favorite remote control helicopter indoors provides you with lots of fun.

Of course, when I talk about indoor flying, I simply mean the micro remote control helicopters.

They are all designed to fit in the palm of your hand. That is why their medium size makes them maneuver with much ease even in the office or at home.

Ideal Best Indoor RC Helicopter Features, Specifications, and Ratings

Let’s say you’ve just purchased a 2-foot aircraft, and you want to fly it in, say, a 20’ by 20’ room (that’s a large sized room, of course).In other words, there isn’t much you can do when the length of your room is only ten times the length of your newly purchased helicopter.

For this reason, I need to disclose to you the best indoor RC aircraft and as you read you will grasp the guide and review.

I have to warn you that once you get started with indoor RC flying, soon you will be planning to build up an open air room for building up more speed and space.

1. The Blade 200 SR TIMES BNF Remote Control Helicopter with Safe

The Blade 200 SR TIMES BNF Remote Control Helicopter with Safe- Best Indoor RC Helicopter

The first crucial thing that you will notice about this RC helicopter while flying is the panic button recovery and three different flight mode.

The recovery facilitates your learning curve to be simpler while still practicing your aerobatic moves.

The beginners offer sufficient flight and low angle limit for ample self-leveling. Intermediate mode creates a more self-leveling level and a high bank angle balance.

On the other hand, the experienced mode provides you with full joystick control and no bank angle limit.

Further, this best indoor RC helicopter has an engineered SAFE technology system that helps the heli to return to its level flights and to stabilize.

Not to mention the brushless tail and main motor provides adequate agility. As you purchase this heli, you will also get the charger and the flight battery as well.


  • Provides you with panic recovery button
  • Offers three types of mode settings
  • Ten minutes of flight time
  • Charger and flight battery(included)
  • You need to purchase the 6+ channel DSM2 transmitter separately
  • Recommended for 14 years and up

2.Tiger Jet Finest Indoor Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro

Tiger Jet Finest Indoor Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro- Best Indoor RC Helicopter

Tiger jet heli is widely known for its fantastic simplicity, hence allowing pilots to focus only on the fun of the flight instead of trying to figure out how the helicopter  works.

That said it was well designed with a fully installed gyro system thus keeping this aircraft at an optimum level.

This feature works for beginners and indoor flying too.

One of my favorite features for this helicopter is the coaxial rotor which provides efficient stabilization.

Not to mention the unique 3.5 channel infrared remote control that offers your helicopter with the responsiveness and precise accuracy.


  • Has a gyro system for ample stability
  • Provides multi-colored LED light
  • Directly charges from the controller
  • The heli is designed to hover; up and down, right and left, also forward and backward too
  • The infrared 3.5 Channel remote control gives this aircraft the ability to move with much ease.
  • Recommended for 14 years and above

3. Lutema Large Best Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

Lutema Large Best Indoor Remote Control Helicopter- Best Indoor RC Helicopter

Indoor RC aircraft are very crucial for pilots who like to adventure and explore.

That is why when you have the right helicopter that can withstand the crashes; you can enjoy your flight all day long.

Lutema large 3.5 channels define quality, size, and ease of use at its best.

It comes fully assembled from Lutema manufacturers and most of all; it is also an outdoor heli.

You can fly it about 30 meters. This incredible aircraft has fully functional LED lights hence; you can opt to turn it on and off.


  • 5 channel
  • Provides multicolored LED lights
  • It is an indoor and outdoor heli
  • Spare parts are available from Lutema
  • No assembly needed for this heli thus it is a Ready to Fly Helicopter
  • Recommended for 15 years and above

4. The latest WL V911 Single Rotor Helicopter

The latest WL V911 Single Rotor Helicopter- Best Indoor RC Helicopter

There are different things that you tend to look for when purchasing the right aircraft.

The reality is that lots of them concentrate on the size, price, and quality of the helicopter.

Have you tried this new and improved WL V911? It is a fully functional aircraft that is comfortable to control and offers extensive indoor flying experience.

Has a fixed pitch or a single rotor for responsiveness and that is why it is recommended for indoor flying.

It goes without saying that this improved version, the battery tends to pop in its designed compartment.

It is also advisable to purchase the new version battery for this heli since the original heli will not be compatible with this best remote helicopter.


  • Has an improved battery that snaps in its compartment (rather than hanging while flying)
  • Includes two batteries for maximum fun
  • It is a 4 channels and 2.4 GHz heli
  • Recommended for 12 years and above

5. WLtoys V913 Large Alloy RC

WLtoys V913 Large Alloy RC- Best Indoor RC Helicopter

As an entry level heli, this best indoor RC helicopter offers lots of fun and unique features as compared to other RC toys.

The digital design of this heli is impressive, due to its adopted anti-interference technology.

More copters that tend to fly together can withstand to interfere with each other; this helps you to have fun with your friends as you interchange the flights.

Another imperative thing that makes this heli a number one option for lots of flying hobbyists is the mode control function.

This ideally gives you the opportunity to change the flight control mode from a 360-degree rotation, left and right sideway flying, right, forward, up and down and much more.


  • Offers the 2.4G technology for anti-interference
  • The installed gyro makes the heli maneuver at ease, providing longevity and also implementing various flight movements
  • Has four type of control modes for you to shift as you move from right and left throttle modes

My Complete Remote Control Helicopter Comparison Table

So as to purchase the RC helicopter, you need to set a glance at the reviews and guide of your desired heli. Some heli might have various drawbacks, but only the consumer can attest about the purchased and used heli.

As the world of business suggests, the consumer is always right. Instead of you researching with no avail, I have set aside the best and great BEST indoor remote control helicopter reviews.

Let’s go straight into the detail and see what I have in store for you.

Overall Summary

I understand that you might have your own way of spending your free time, and this is where you enjoy your recreational activity.

If you are not yet sure which form of hobby that you want to venture in, then I would be more than happy to welcome you to the world of remote control devices.

The pleasure that various best RC helicopter models give you is priceless. Once you get to learn the basic moves of flying the above indoor flying aircraft, you will later understand that all the money and time you spend is worthwhile.

Don’t be afraid of asking for trip manuals from your friends. Read and understand them well (including my complete aircraft reviews) and later apply what you have learned into practice.

After assured series of time, you will eventually get familiar with different helis control and flexibility techniques. Don’t get me wrong but the actual fun starts when you consider for a more advanced type of RC.

Let’s meet Johan Lozano, the 2011 World Champion in F3N. Johan has also been the 2010 European Champion in F3N, and a five-time national winner of the German F3N competition. F3N is a brand new RC helicopter competition category formed under the Federal Aeronautique Internationale. He is 64 years old and He is a carpenter by trade and He lives near East Bayberry Street Hanford, United States. He started flying in 2001 with a Raptor 50.

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